Web Analytics

Measure - Collection - Analysis & Decision

Web Analytics improves marketing decision making and increases profitability .

A strategy adapted to your objectives

When you invest time and money in marketing actions, make sure they are well measured. To do this, be accompanied by certified experts who will understand your business and extend your marketing and technical teams.

Understand the profile and behavior of the consumer to better address it

Analyze and optimize the e-commerce conversion funnel of your website

Optimize Marketing Decision Making and Resource Allocation

Measure and improve the performance of your website, mobile site or application

Our expertise Web Analytics

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization In order to continuously improve the performance of your website. We accompanies you in the deployment of an AB test roadmap, their monitoring and analysis, which will improve the funnel of conversion of your site and in fine of your conversion rate ..

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager is a Tag Management system that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of Javascripts tags. In order to manage and control all Web Analytics tags

Web Analytics Implementation

We are responsible for configuring all Web Analytics tags via the Tag Management System (GTM). This involves configuring three inherent components: tags, variables, and triggers.

Google Analytics Setup

The structure of a Google Analytics account must meet the diverse Web Analytics needs of a given organization. Effilab is responsible for developing a bespoke Google Analytics architecture to optimally host, access and analyze valuable information.

Google Analytics Custom Reports

Because data in Google Analytics is diverse and diverse, we will leverage dashboards to centralize and manage key information ..

Business Intelligence

" Business Intelligence " allows you to turn your large amount of data into actionable information. This consists of selecting and valuing critical data for your business .

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Indeed, the development of the digital world and the rise of websites, and more generally web marketing, have led us to specialize in these areas of activity to support customers in their web and marketing approaches.

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