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Email marketing is a web strategy that consists of using the mail as not only means of advertising but as a means of direct communication with customers, obtaining numerous advantages.

It serves to send personalized messages, offers, promotions, links … etc. The content can be very diverse and the goal also, since it may be that the company wants the recipient to buy a product or service, that he finds out about some information, that he acquires coupons or simply congratulates him on Christmas.

Generally, this technique, apart from wanting to get a sale if that is the end of the issuer, creates a close and lasting relationship with the subscribers or people who receive it, since it is usually a mail sent periodically and improves the image that we have. the company, as the users feel cared for.


These mails are always personalized thanks to a previous segmentation that is carried out, so it is not going to be a random campaign, but it is done knowing what needs the person who receives it can have.

For all this, the loyalty that is created with customers is very important and profitable for the company, as they will continue to trust them for a long time.

In our digital marketing agency we have a team of graphic designers who will make an attractive campaign for your company, as well as marketing and online advertising professionals that will create the most advantageous messages and which will capture the attention of the recipients.

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