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At Digital Marketing Touch, we help you position your website by extending Google Adwords.

Through Google Adwords, you can carry out campaigns of the company that you want to position, creating ads that will appear in Google searches, when the user inserts the keywords that we have linked to our campaign.

In this way, your company will increase its web visibility by appearing in the top positions when a potential customer writes the words or key phrases related to your service or products.

This online advertising is effective since from the first day, your company will appear in Google, in addition quickly and profitably. Each company can choose the days of the week they want the ads to be shown, as well as the hours of the day, the location in which they want to be displayed or the daily budget that they want to spend, with the possibility of being all these data modified easily.



For all this, Digital Marketing Touch is in charge of carrying out preliminary studies with the most common searches carried out related to the services of each company, so that an optimum profitability is obtained.

In addition, we take care of daily monitoring of the campaign’s trajectory to detect possible alterations and modify them as quickly as possible, guaranteeing the success of the campaign. Obtaining monthly data on web traffic, statistics and essential information to verify that everything works correctly.

Google has more than 90% of that market nationwide . 5 out of 10 people who consult through Google search information about products and / or services end up making a purchase. Search advertising campaigns with Google Adwords, both in the search network and in the display network, are actions aimed at achieving excellent results .

We assure you the success formula in Google Adwords ads and web advertising : the position that your ad occupies in the results page depends on the “pay per click” and the “quality of the campaign”. The better your SEM agency is, the less you will pay for the same results that you could get with a worse web advertising campaign and, therefore, with lower quality.

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Indeed, the development of the digital world and the rise of websites, and more generally web marketing, have led us to specialize in these areas of activity to support customers in their web and marketing approaches.

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